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Apparel Ordering

Our apparel store is open! Show your Bengal Pride by ordering from the apparel store. To view the store items and order,  just click the link below.

A few important details:

  1. This is not the apparel for players. That will be distributed to players once teams are formed. Players are free to order from this store, but this is not meant as the 'official' team apparel.

  2. Items not listed as Youth or Women's sizes are Men's sizes.

  3. The Team Shop will close at 10:00pm on 10/22/2020, and will NOT reopen.

  4. Estimated delivery time is around 6 weeks from the close date.

  5. Live Inventory is set on the store to help avoid backorders.  If an item is unavailable, it has ran out of inventory.

  6. **MTS Customer Service has a Phone number if you have any questions on the store. Please reach out to them if you have any questions. **

Captain's Practice Now Open for Registration

Captain's Practice is now open for registration! The program will again consist of on-ice training as well as weight training. The first date is Tuesday, September 8th, and you MUST have completed registration before your son will be allowed on the ice. This season, there are a few differences due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read below to find out what has changed.

  1. Fogerty Arena is a public building and therefore, all people entering the rink MUST be wearing a mask. Please make sure your son has a mask whenever entering Fogerty Arena.
  2. Players are asked to practice social distancing as much as possible. This means reducing the time in close quarters, such as locker rooms. Players are asked to dress as much as possible prior to arriving at the rink, and are also asked to not enter the facility more than 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their scheduled ice time. After practice, players must leave as soon as possible without lingering in the locker rooms, lobby or concourses.
  3. Weight training will no longer be allowed at Fogerty Arena. Due to this, we are asking that each player purchase a membership at Crunch Fitness. We have negotiated a special deal with Crunch where players can obtain a pass for $30, which will grant them membership from the beginning of Captain's Practice until the end (approximately 9/8 - 11/15). At that time, if players wish to continue their membership, they can obtain one using the normal membership procedures as determined by Crunch. Coach Carroll will be hosting conference calls/Zoom meetings every other Sunday (or close to it) to discuss the current training program that he wants players to follow. More information on this, including how to obtain the special $30 membership, will be sent via email very soon.

You can view the ice schedule and the weight training schedule for each session by hovering over "Captains Practice" ribbon and choosing one of the sessions. There will be 2 sessions - Session 1 and Session 2. Coach Carroll will be assigning the rosters, so please check back regularly and view the rosters for each session to find which session your son has been assigned.